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Entreuse Electronic Press Kit

Entreuse - Publicity Hacking for Anyone Launching Anything

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Problem - most people trying to launch products, services, and companies are doing so on a shoestring budget. They usually have no marketing or PR background and are faced with doing these tasks themselves (in addition to doing what they really do.) They lack time and need to be both efficient and effective. 

Business Model:

Customer segments - entreprenuers, small business owners, freelancers. Entreprenuers defined as anyone bringing a product to market, which includes authors, artists, speakers, performers, musicians, etc.  

Value proposition - a subscription service to create professional presention and marketing materials, tools to manaage a publicity campaign, tools to define market segments and the influencers they follow. 

Revenue model - subscription service with tiered offerings.

Assets - both founders are experienced marketing and promotions professionals. Assets being acquired are the ability to code - we're learning Ruby on Rails and developing our MVP ourselves. 

Human resources - our team is about to add a part-time CTO to guide technology decisions and we expect to take on our first advisor in the next 60 days. 

The hard part - learning to code :) but we're on it and have the app halfway built.

The unique part - there's nothing out there like this and it's desperately needed.

Repetition - we're going to create the happiest customers on earth who will tell everyone they know. We're also going to turn our electronic press kit product into an item that's on every checklist across mutliple verticles. 


Session 2 - Freelancer vs Entreprenuer

I've already spent the past 30 years as a freelancer, so I get the whole "doesn't scale" part. Been there, lived it. That's why I'm becoming an entreprenuer and building something that will scale. 

Since we are bootstrapping, right now my co-founder and I are the work force while we build our beta product. The day we can afford it, we will hire Engineer #1 to take over the code so we can market and listen to our customers as we grow. 

My intention is to absolutely promote myself to Chief Evangelist and do nothing but teach people how to get attention for what they are doing without interruptinhg and spamming. 

Our plan to build this business is to release a fantastic free level product (a basic electronic press kit) within the communities that I've been cultivating relationships with for the past year. We wil focus on authors and entreprenuers first, then moving into the performer/musician markets. Cash flow comes from subscription priemium accounts where features like the campaign manager and analytics live. 


Session 3 - Fundraising

We hope to not need money and be able to fully bootstrap ourselves to profitability. Raising seed capital would certainly allow us to move faster by being able to hire someone who's better and faster with Ruby on Rails than we are. So far, we're managing to get version 1.0 of our product operational by ourselves. 

We've been told by one of the key members of Tech Coast Angels that we wouldn't have a problem raising a seed round, but he also encouraged us to find a way to not give up a large chunk of equity if we don't have to. Thus, we are attempting to bootstrap while knowing that we can raise if we have to. 

The plan (and we realize that no plan survives contact with reality) is to take the company to traction and some revenues on our own, then try a kickstarter round to raise money to hire a code monkey to push the next set of features out. 

We hope to sell this company in 3 to 5 years. Our lowest tier level will be $10 monthly and it would take 20k paying users to make us an attractive acquisition. 


Session 4 - Hiring

Will come back to this one - we're in good shape as we're adding a CTO this week to guide our technology (someone great whom we've worked with before and is waaaayyyyy smarter than we are.) 


Session 5 - Naming

This is a biggie for us. The more we've thought about Entreuse, the more torn we are. The downside that I realized this morning is that if I met someone and they told me all their presentation materials were on Entreuse, I wouldn't know how to spell that in Google just from hearing it. This is bad. 

So, I want to float another name by the masses: 


We are a presentation tool and we we want people using our product to feel like they are hiring a limo to drop them off at the red carpet launch of their product/service. Thoughts?



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