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Entree interdite au monstres mechants


My name is Sybille, I'm from Belgium and I am a mother of 3 young children (6, 3 and 5 months).  I wanted to make a poster for my two older girls who are afraid of monsters....

Last year we made a sign together : they drew a monster and I made an interdiction symbol saying something like "no Monsters allowed".  And it worked, they were no longer afraid that monsters would come at night... And they stopped waking me every night !

But the old sign is now coming apart, so I thought I'd make a new one to exercise my hand lettering.

I am an historian and have always thought that I can't draw very well so it is going to be a real challenge !

The words I thought of are : teeth, no trespassing, monsters, hair, mean, eyes and tentacles, nightmare, night, stings...

Ok, so here are a few of the images that inspired me :

At first it was very difficult for me to "warm up", as I had never done anything close to hand lettering.  I had absolutely no idea about the kind of letters that would be best.... So I tried a few things for almost every word I wanted to write, until I found something that seemed ok.  Here are the best of my doodles : 

And then I did some thumnails.  I wanted to keep the layout quite simple as I'm not very confident.  Plus I wanted something that looked like a street sign :

I chose the last one and did this "sketch" (well it took me hours so...) :

I had fun drawing the little monsters but... The word "Mechant" is too close to "Monstres", I'm not too sure about the the way I wrote the word "Aux" and I don't know what I should do on the sides.  I traced some lines and it's better but I'm not too sure about that either.   As for the frame, I think it would be fun to fill it with crawling monsters, but maybe it would be too much ?

OK, thanks a lot for the advices I got.  I tried several things on paper, but I'm very clumsy with my pen and nothing was as good as what I already had... So I inked, scanned, cheated a little thanks to photoshop and here is the best of  what I have :

I like the simple layout, and I'm kinda proud of myself as I have really no experience at all in desgin...  But when I see all the beautiful projects others made, I want to try again with another sentence, and see what comes out of it !  But first I want to follow the second part of the course !


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