Entrance way

Entrance way - student project

                                                                                    Entrance way - image 1 - student projectEntrance way - image 2 - student project     I started this workshop to get ideas on how to style my home.  We had had our home insulated and double glazing put in over a year ago and I still hadn't done any of the styling because I wasn't sure where to start.

This is the main entrance of my home and it opens directly into the kitchen.  I like having a plant in the entrance way, but it grew too big so I wasn't sure what to put in its place.  Being in 'lockdown'  because of COVID also meant that shopping (apart from the supermarket) was not happening.  I could buy online but I am a tactile shopper - I like to see and touch what I am planning to buy.

The string-of-hearts plant was given to me by my mum as a cutting.  It was to have been place on a clock we have on the wall in another room, but it grew too long, so I hung it here were it is continuing to grow well. There is an air-plant which my sister-in-law gave me, and the peace lilies which I rescued from another part o the house - they have been here a week and are already looking better - hopefully they will flower here.  I like the basket the peace lilies are in, but I think I will find another pot for them at some stage.


The bigger square tiles are Dutch and were gifts.  Originally we had 3 but one broke so I added the round tile (which is a pot stand) to add interest and balance.  The little tiles on the door frame were salvaged from my husband's Grandmother's kitchen in the Netherlands when my mother-in-law was young and she gave them to me when she downsized years ago.  


I enjoyed this workshop and it has certainly given me a bit more confidence and momentum to get styling.