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Maria Bovenko




Entomologist - Tool of the Trade

Hey everybody! 
First of all, thank you, Tom. This class was really inspiring and helpful. I've used to work either in an analogue or in a digital world, and I've always been looking forward to combining these two. Photoshop tips were really a great help, channel trick makes life so much easier.

I picked up an entomologist (oh, don't ask why).      


Making it all inky I found out that it's better to make more textures, more scales etc Like this you'll have more space to experiment on a final piece. But, well, found it out too late, so for the next postcard I'll make much more.
And the final thing:


I also have a little sketch of "tools" for a person who takes a transsiberian. Hope to make it soon. 

UPD: So a transsiberian.. Don't know where do these ideas come from haha. What I like about this project is balancing between object and symbol, stereotype and detail. A bit like designing a book cover - you have to tell a story using minimum of details. So my challenge was to tell a story about a passenger in a russian train. What is the best thing about these trains? - days of travel, reading a book, drinking vodka with strangers and (a must!) drinking black tea from a sovietic glass-holder.

A process mantra: "damn it! sugar cubes! damn it!"

And a final thing: 


Peace and love


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