Enthusiast beginner

Enthusiast beginner - student project

I have 4 types of color sets and 3 of them I never used before because I was waiting to finish my Ikea set. 

What I love about the Ikea set is that the colors are very dreamy and I learned to work them to the best of my abilities as this is the set I used since the first day of my Challenge .

What I have learned these months is that I would never be able to have the same beautiful colors as my teachers do, because I don't have their color sets. But I am totally OK with this as I have Tons and Tons to learn about drawing and shading and looking at things , and for learning everything I have is more then enough. 

So my sets are : Artists & CO - nothing on the label-tube

                            Crelando        - nothing on the label-tube 

                             Stilex           - nothing on the label-pallet 

                             IKEA             - nothing on the label-pallet 

Enthusiast beginner - image 1 - student project

I learned that blue is covering all the roll pen, that tubes have more intense colors then my pallets, but they tend to be more see true, once dried. Also, playing, I came up with a pretty nice Galaxy with my Crelando :) 


Enthusiast beginner - image 2 - student project


I tried lifting the colors, red  and yellow seam to be harder to pull out, as they stain a lot the paper. With blue and green I find it easier. 

Thank you for this wonderful class. 



Bianca Flavia Todor
366 days creative challenge