Enthusiast Beginner

Enthusiast Beginner - student project

I lived this class! I ,,Adrenalize" the process by not sketching anything , and trying to repair things as I go. sometimes I can, sometimes I don't but I like the fact that drawing like this is like speaking. Once spoken, the words are out-there, and you can try to repair but you can't take back, and this makes you be very careful with every stroke and every word.I like the way I did the ,,Trulli" is an ancient stile of housing that we have in Italy , in the Puglia province. I only draw-paint since 01 January of this year, so the people i draw... well I did my best, It is also a Puglia foto from the 1900's. Thank you for this wonderful course! A and then I realized there where patterns on my paper handkerchiefs pack .. lol

Enthusiast Beginner - image 1 - student project

Enthusiast Beginner - image 2 - student project

Bianca Flavia Todor
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