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Enter The Streets

Street Potrait:

Taken outside of the Union Station in Chicago, IL. I chose this spot because I felt that the columns had a great sense of depth of field that just seemed to have a literal vanishing point. I waiting for about 15 min for the right character that would fit this location. I edited this flick so that the left side of the picture almost felt like it was infinite. 

Look Up:

This picture was taken on Lasalle Street. The reason I chose this look up was that the buildings complimented each other. Both were not only very symmetrical, but also had about the same height. The windows gave a great sense of depth. The editing on this photo was very minimal due to the fact that the natural lighting was nice and even without any harsh sunlight or shadows. 


This image was captured on Clark Street. I waiting and panned a few cars before I finally got a decent image. The thing about panning is that I had never attempted before until just a few weeks ago, & it is especially challenging due to the fact that I only use my iPhone 6. I chose this one specifically because of the silhouette I got of the person driving due to the bright headlights of the car behind it. I felt that it gave the picture a character, which then gave the picture a story as well.

Night Shot:

This was shot at a Shell Gas Station near my home at 3 AM. This caught my eye because it was so vacant. Everything around it was closed and the only thing shining was this. It gave a glow that couldn't be ignored. I edited so that the top and bottom were very dark to keep the rule of thirds relevent.


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