Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride - student project

Enjoy the Ride - image 1 - student project

To be honest, I had the hardest time coming up with something to lettering for this. I did quick sketches of so many other phrases in the process. I loved the copperplate writing tutorials that were posted, and I really wanted to give that style a shot.When push came to shove, I found myself unhappy with the story those copperplate-esque were telling. They weren't me, and they certainly weren't fitting for the phrases I chose (e.g.: Better busy than bored - a personal mantra of mine).

I rummaged through one of my sketchbooks and found a note reading "enjoy the ride." I'm a cyclist who is anxiously awaiting summer, and I felt like this was just what I needed on these dreary winter days. This style feels far more natural and communicative in terms of the personality I wanted to convey.

Lots of work and cleaning up to be done yet, but I'm fairly pleased with how this is shaping up so far! (I apologize for the dim photo!)

Kristy Black

Designer of Awesome Things