Enjoy the Little Things

Below is the illustration that I started with. It was found on Flickr from the book the Fruits of America.


This took a long time to cut out. It was it not until I was almost done and working on the top strawberries when I realized the illustration was incomplete - the top stems were cut off. I had to play around with copies of different stems in the illustration to make it work (it still needs to be cleaned up more).

After going through the process in the class, these are what I came up with. It doesn't feel complete, so I may tweak things around more, but these are two options I've come up with so far. Any suggestions or critiques are welcome!



I loved that there was so much information packed into this class, building on the basics on some of your other classes. I have done one of them, but will definitely go back and check out your other classes to improve on this project. Although your focus was on type and flowers, I could see myself applying what I have learned to many other things. Thank you for such a great class!


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