Enjoy life invite people for dinner

  • This is my idea for a Christmas Eve children's table with six family members. I placed rocking horses, a toy soldier and pine cones. With Season Greetin messages  at each place setting. I also added name tags using gift tags for the kids on the bowls. I decided to use paper Santa napkins for an easier clean up and more fun for them. I also added pine bows on the soup bowls while using Mason jars as glasses.
  •  I wanted the colors to be fun and friendly.
  • The last set up I used some craved rocks with some of my favorite words imagine,believe and cheer perfect for the Christmas eve meal.
  • other ideas i had but didn't have time for was to use photographs of the children in farmes to personize the place settings and to add lights for extra light.

    This was the Thanksgiving table at my brother's house in Malibu. With the help of my niece Kasimira. I love the colors and texture with the crystal chandelier and the funky leopard dishes. The only thing missing was a personal detail for each of the place settings. The meal was family so there wasn't the need for assigned seats. Next time I would add a small leaf or gift on each of the plates.First attempt at the principals.

Happy Holidays!

a warm environment that allows the guest to enjoy the celebration. There is a balance to this table as the flowers weave throughout the long tables. With some bling in the gold elements and the glassware. I also see the pyramid desgin with the height of the candles on the table. The florals are complimentary and all pastels. The small personalization is in the small boxes placed at each place setting. The color palette is muted and earthy.

I love the calm feel for this table on a special evening.


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