Danielle Parisano

Pastry Chef/Cake Designer



Enjoy Cake Design? Here's how to make a modeling chocolate!

I am a Certified Pastry Chef who specializes in Custom Cake Design. I absolutely love doing this and I am so grateful to have found my passion so early in life. I love the aspect of creating something that's crazy, beautiful, outrageous, or just WOW from nothing but my own thoughts.

Yes this is an art form but it is also very methodical, there is a method of doing things and how to get from point A to B and the fun is figuring it out. There are thousands of products out there that can be used in so many different ways, even ways not intended and part of the fun as a cake designer/decorator is experimenting and creating something new and learning from your own mistakes. Cake decorators make mistakes, its inevitable, things happen (buttercream gets bumped, fondant get a crack or punctured, etc..) but its how you get creative in fixing the problem as if that mistake was purposeful and were never there in the first place.

I am teaching this class on "How to make modeling chocolate" :

1. First I want you to make your very own modeling chocolate.

2. I want you to create something! what ever you want to make- get creative! you can make a cupcake, you can sculpt a face, you can even make an animal if you want to!

Modeling chocolate is like a "clay" or "play-dough" type of substance (only its edible!) in the sense that its mainly used for sculpting on cakes. Remember: when using modeling chocolate, its best to use either styrofoam (i prefer the green gardening styrofoam) or rice cereal treat as your base to sculpt on. When using styrofoam I also suggest smearing crisco on the styrofoam once you are ready to put your modeling chocolate onto it, this way it will stick and not fall off.

This video/lesson is geared towards those who are interested in cake design/decorating and haven't yet tested the waters or for those who wish to learn more about sculpting.

Being a Pastry Chef/Cake designer is 2 things: Scientific and very artsy/creative. Baking is a science and the designing is an art form. With baking you have to be precise to put out a great product. For the decorating aspect your only limit is your own imagination.

This is one of my Magical Disney Cakes that I have done and I had to learn on my own how to make this giant cupcake topper.  For this Cupcake i used Styrofoam (or you can use rice cereal treats) as the base and the rest if all 50/50 (which is modeling chocolate and fondant mixed together). 50/50 is amazing to work with because it sculpts like modeling chocolate, getting rid of unwanted lines and such, but it dries like fondant does.



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