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Liana Mikah

photographer • graphic designer




currently, I am super inspired by Europe, England specifically because ill be living there for 3 months come April! I want to dive into some research about England and learn more about where i'll be living so I figured this opportunity couldn't be more perfect. The shoot I want to do will be England-inspired, with a kiss of Ireland (definitely visiting Dublin). I love the rolling hills look, a slight fog and a bit of warmth in the photo. here's my moodboard as far as location, fingers crossed i can find something similar to this in the OR/WA. eeek! so so excited to be a part of this class!

p.s. i've got a model in mind, just need to put together a moodboard of what she'll be wearing. will post a moodboard of that soon ;)


this is far stretch from the colors of my moodboard but I think we got that England gloomy day far more than that dream Ireland look. I feel like this shoot was successful because the photos happen to be very raw and natural and simple, unlike most of my vibrant and colorful work. I feel like this is what England will be like most days: gloomy, and grey with a hopefully a little bit of warm light. full size viewing available on my site: lianamikah.com/diary


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