Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders - student project

Here is a short accounting of a former participants experience

Julianne Vernon, joined the EWB-Macedonia team at the University of Florida during her first semester
of the graduate program. The key interest in the program was to apply her engineering skills to an environmental problem in a developing community that needed the help.

Founded in 2001 at the University of Colorado, EWB-USA has grown to more than 250 chapters comprising 12,000 volunteers working in 45 developing countries

The Uganda Program is working with a community in Soroti, Uganda. The team is currently setting up a multifunctional energy platform (MFP) program in the region, while also looking into new health and water initiatives this year.

A fundraiser held a Georgia Tech for Uganda clean drinking water

Pictures of volunteers in Uganda

Engineers Without Borders - image 1 - student project

Engineers Without Borders - image 2 - student project

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