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Engineers - Take Charge of Your Career

New engineers entering the work space are so full of creativity, exuberence, and enthusiasm. Eager to use their skills combined with their creativity, they may soon find the work world a disappointing place.

The Gallup Organization polled more than 80K employees about what makes them love their jobs way back in 1999. (Note: Gallup does surveys every year and stays current on trends in workplace satisfaction.) The most important thing to people in the workplace (#1 answer to the poll, what makes a great workplace) was that they understand what is expected of them.

Who helps you understand that? Your boss.

What if your boss is not a a) good communicator b) leader c) accessible and available?

This magazine is devoted to providing new engineers with information, skills, and tips/tricks so they understand what is expected of them.

Each issue will tackle a new aspect of your career, helping you build skills to proactively manage your career, get ahead, and decide when you should get out and move one.


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