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Engaging my followers

Hi there!

I am new to Skillshare, having posted my first course on Thanksgiving 2015. My first course "Writing Without Fear" has grown fairly well since then, but I would love to see the amount of conversions pick up. You can see the course here:



I think adding a second course will help engage the Skillshare community more. I am currently writing and recording a follow-up course titled "Rekindling the Art of Letter Writing," in which students will essentially learn techniques for writing great prose. 


My goal then is to start out the new course as a free opportunity for my current followers to see if this sparks their interest. I am also thinking about allowing this course to remain free on the site for several days to try to catch the eye of community members who do not have paid memberships just yet.

I love the idea of an AMA, but I do not think I am there yet with my follower count. Additionally, I am still trying to convince my current students to post more projects. Let's hope more students will post projects over time.

Thank you for the great advice, Eric. I will try to update this post over the coming months if things improve.

Update (January 30, 2016):


I posted a new course this morning "Rekindling the Art of Letter Writing." I made the instructions in the course more explicit this time around. I also set much clearer expectations for the course project. You are welcome to see it here.


Thank you again!


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