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Elaine Huggins

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Engaging my Students for My Class on Business Problem Solving in 8 Steps

What a useful class this has been! I really appreciated the info on the Workshops and AMA's....I didn't know that we could do that!

Here is the link to my class: http://skl.sh/1JlcOdW

This is my first class and my project for this class is to try out Eric's recommendations for student engagement!

Right now, I only have one project from that class...and the student has completed his project. But I have sent out a couple of "all student" messages...and today I sent out one to all of the students about the completion of this project This is what I said:

" Now we know how Mike spent his Martin Luther King weekend...freedom in the Kitchen!

I'm impressed that he was able to drop the time to "get your ingredients together" from 4 minutes 25 seconds to under 2 minutes! And it was intreguing to me that he had  "ah-ha" moments about organizing his kitchen, despite it taking longer and costing him more than expected!

But, like Mike said, now he'll "be able to keep it up...and is looking forward to getting more joy out of cooking!!!!"

I actually would like to do an AMA on the "inspiration and creativity" aspect of business problem solving...and I definately like the idea of doing several spin-off classes from this one. I think that this class was probably to complicated...I had one comment that 8 steps was alot!! So I'm going to think about how I could make a series of small classes!


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