Engaging Blog Posts

Pre Question:  I blog because I like to share the things i love. I also like the idea of starting a conversation and engaging with people. Blogging gives me the opportunity to stop and think through why I like or dislike something and then try to express myself online. 

Project 1: 3 inspring blog posts! 

1. Smooth Operator!  Blog: Worn Magazine blog    http://www.wornjournal.com/blog/alopecia/  

 I love how thoughtful and personal this post is. While it is telling the persoanl story of an indivdual losing their hair due to alopecia - it also examines the beauty ideals that the media can put on girls and women. I also think the photography accompanying the piece is beautiful.  at the bottom of the post were easy ways to share it via fb, twitter etc. 

2. The Very Best Respones to Safe Raven's Batsh*t Ending.  Blog: i09  


I found the image at the top of the post hilarious and the hilarity only continued as a read the roundup of the best reviews. SImply put - this post had me laughing. The share buttons were beside the title of the post. I think i personally like share buttons at the end of the post since I would not know if i was going to share a post till i had read it. 

3. Making It Work with Phonto.  Blog: Poppytalk   


This is a post in which the images captured me. I enjoyed the brief overview of the app 'Phonto'. In the end, it was the beautiful images that caught me. I liked how the writer used various fonts to show off what could be done with the app. This post featued a share button at the end of the post. 


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