Engagement Gift Woodcut

I had a last minute engagement party, and I completely forgot to get a gift. With only had 3 days to prepare, I racked my brain for gifts that weren't going to be your standard 'wedding prep' or alcoholic beverage. I took to the internet and saw personalised prints, but realised they wouldn't arrive on time...so I decided to make my own!


I haven't done linocutting since college, which was 7 years ago, so I was super nervous to start (I remember cutting myself in class, many times!)

On my lunch at work, (prior to watching this class) I quickly sketched out this design:



Only after I had been to hobbycraft for supplies, I realised that my design was far too intricate for my first dive back into linocutting. So, I simplified the wood grain, and kept the centre as above.

I forgot to take a photo of my initial sketch on the lino, because once I started I didn't want to stop! Here's the finished cutting:



I could't believe how much I actually enjoyed the process, albeit slow and painful. My wrist is extremely sore, I think I put a little too much pressure on, but i'm VERY pleased with the cutting. I was super nervous about the next step; as I remembered in my college days, sometimes my 'reflecting' skills weren't great and so was my ability to carve the parts I DON'T want to be inked. I was praying I did it right.

Here's my test print featuring my kitty, Jeff: 


In hindsight, I would have cut my lino to size, but this works out fine because I am framing the final print and the edges won't be visible. Note to self for future prints!

I tweaked the lino ever so slightly after the test, as the print did show some very small areas that I didn't want to show.

Crappy paper aside, I grabbed the good stock and hoped it would be gift worthy. Here's the final print:


I think I did well! The M could have been a little higher and a lot sharper, but damn it's really hard work getting into tiny precise corners. 

I framed the final print, ready to be wrapped up and given as an engagement gift:



Thank you so much for this class I looooooved it! This is not going to be my final. I've already purchased a plain shopping tote ready for a pattern print :)


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