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Energy is Power - Mille Joules

First things first...

Since you asked us to share our favorite pin(s) and our favorite Apple Metal pin, here you are.

Favorite pins:


I realy like how the colors turned up for this one. Nice and bright, with quite a bit of contrast.


This little guy is quite simple in design (nice hand-drawn) but quite complex in message. Love it.

Favorite Apple Metal pin:


Love the contrast between the black print and the gold background. Nice and chique but still a simple and elegant design (altough it seems like the picture is upside down).

On a quick note...

First of all, Jon, really like your classes. Even got me back to blockprinting. Hadn't done that in over a decate (and I'm just turning 29 in january).

Let me share a bit of the background...

My pin project was something I had in my head for a while allready. But when I saw your pins, I suddenly new the colors I needed... just keep it simple, black and white, goddamn gorgeous for this kind of pin.

The pin is part of a larger project. I'm looking to start up a small t-shirt company, and pins are one of the accessories I am looking to sell on the side or give away as a gift with some orders. The name Mille Joules is inspired by both my grandfathers' names and means a thousend joules in French (to give it some kind of international allure... And since the joule is the unit for energy... hensefort the 'Energy is Power' slogan.

And so I started sketching.


After the sketching...

When I was done with my few quick sketches I booted up the old Illustrator. Put together some shapes, used the pen tool for the extra's, and put it all together thanks to the alignment tool and the handy pathfinder. Since I've seen A. Draplin at work - he has a very interesting class on Skillshare too - I've addapted his work method. Dupe and create. So that is what I did. This way you can always go back to where your project was where it needed to be in case you screwed up along the way.


After all is said and done...

After a few hours of fitting and duplicating, editing and deleting, thinking and re-thinking, this is where I came too.

So here is the end result:


I really hope you guys like my work... oh, and it would be freaking great to win myself ... and my dreams ... some awsome pins!

Thanks a Mille!!


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