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Energy is Power 2.0 - Mille Joules Energy Corp.

As in the previous project...

Since you asked us to share our favorite patches... For some odd reason I really like this one... it has a lot to do with nostalgia I think. And ofcourse, the details (the teeth - the Jurassic Park lettering) are freaking awesome since it is a patch.


And the patch I chose from the Apple Metal guys - I'm not that into the skulls designs, but them freaking details... - is this one:


Now, for my project...

Since I already told you Jon, you are one of my favorite Skillshare teachers, and again you prove yourself with this class. So I wanted to step up my game too. Normally I'm not so much into the use of many colors, but since there are no restrictions on the number of colors we can use, I've let the beast go.

No sketching this time...

There was no need for sketching because I had the project totally ready in my head. And, if you break it down, using the shapes and pathfinder tools, it was not the most difficult project ever... but still, I am really pleased with the result.




Cheers, and I hope you all like my project!

UPDATE: I think I made some changes...

I did! I did! Seeing it was already 2 am here in Belgium, I made some changes with a clear view...



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