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Energy Monitoring Platform


The site is now live (Although not fully functional).

Please tell me what you think


We are a small startup and we at the early stages of developing an Energy Management Platform that needs a hardware component to function. 

At this stage we would like to test if there is enough demand for the product and the type of customer that would be interested in such a product. That is why we are offering the option to either buy the hardware from us or to build your own.

We are clearly more interested on the Saas part of the business model but hardware being a necessity we are trying to lower whatever friction this might cause.

1.       Headline

Save on electricity. Learn to be greener. Have fun while doing it.

It is hard to get people excited about saving energy, that is why we intend on gamifying the platform. In a couple of studies that I've come accross they usage level drops after the first month. So this wold be a good way to keep people engaged.

2.       Call to Action

We think at this point that our customer would be someone who is green concious, a bit geeky and tired of paying a fortune for electricity (Prices in some parts of Europe have basically doubled since 2008)

Being a very early stage product we want our users to help us build the platform together. And, incidently, not be too surprised if something goes wrong. In other words, we are looking for very early adopters. We are interested in people commited to helping us, that is the reason why we are limiting the number of users.

3.       Features & benefits:

Savings through custom recomendations of the best utility company

Consumption awareness means better decissions and taking control of your bills

Lets face it its not the most exciting thing in the world but well try to make it fun and look cool in front of your friends :-)

4.       Credibility

Frankly I don't know what to put here. Anything we put here at this stage would be tangetially related to us. So maybe at a later stage or a study? - What do you guys think

5.       Social Proof

Yet again no customers for the time being so well have to add that afterwords.

6.       Risk Reversal

We'll provide a 45-day money back guarantee. Also those customers that opt to build their own would have basically no risk associated to it.

7.       FAQ's

In a separate page for the time being. We could build it at the end. But we would like to test this first.

PS As you can see Paolo I borrowed some ideas from your page ;-)


Please leave your feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts and improvements. Thanks



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