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Energize your RV lifestyle

My husband and I love RV living. Travel and good friends in different areas of the country. One thing we have noticed, well myself more then my husband, is the many gatherings and invites makes it difficult to keep in shape and meet our the nutritional needs that will keep us healthy. Where do we get Energy? Yes, from good nutritious foods, ofcourse.

Cooking in the RV can be trying with smaller fridge and cramped counter space. Preparation takes planning and being creative to say the least. Most of all, this is suppose to be our retirement and if you have cooked all your life for a growing family it feels like there is no end to kitchen duty in sight! If you go out and eat in restauants it is easy to see how the extra salt and additives can add up to future big health problems. Not having our own doctor near by can cause extra stress.

In order to increase our energy and maintain our appearance, we have choosen prevention over crisis health management. Sunrider International foods have filled this gap and made our RV lifestyle not only wholesome but also stress free. These foods pack a lot of nutrition into a small amount of prep work and help create the energy to let your body keep up with your mind, whatever that may be. This much needed new revitalization helps with utilizing the empty calories that are a part of socializing and negates the side affects fo restaurant foods.

All of us in the RV world really enjoy this lifestyle and want to continue as long as possible. Keeping healthy is the way to do just that. Sunrider International is worth your investigation, I have been eating these foods for over 25 years and I know this company is trustworthy. I would be happy to introduce you to this 'Energized RV lifestyle' and get these nutritional foods delivered right to your door no matter where you may be and how far you may be traveling. Happy RVing!  Please view my story at UTube below . . .



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