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Based on Chapter 5 from 'Pastures of Heaven' by John Steinbeck

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Helen Van Deventer

Hilda Van Deventer

Hubert Van Deventer

Dr. Phillips



Helen Van Deventer’s life has been plagued with a strong awareness of tragedy, pain and suffering. She has endured throughout, but her final test lies in her daughter who is showing signs of violent schizophrenia. 


The acceptance of the notion of pain and suffering and at what point does this affect our path in life and our decisions on this path. Is pain and suffering meerely part of human existence and does happiness actually exist?

Writer's Statement:

I struggled to find a story that I really connected with when embarking on this journey. I was reading a lot of poems from the Spoon River anthology and they just weren't quite hitting the right note for me. I decided that I would venture out from this and I bought the ebook of John Steinbeck's Pastures of Heaven. I was familar with Steinbeck from Grapes of Wrath, but to be honest I had never heard of Pastures of Heaven. Upon reading the first five chapters, I was taken away with his writing style and his characterisation of his existential struggles.

Story 5 in the book really captivated me. I've always been interested in hard-hitting topics and stories that shock an audience and break expectation, not for the purpose of meaningless violence or profanity, but for communicating a theme in the most effective way possible.I think Steinbeck solidifies this in Story 5 of Pastures of Heaven.

This was an odd story for me to adapt though as well, as for the first time, I felt the need to implement voice over as a story telling method. The style in which I have used to approach this script can be likened to the works of Wes Anderson, with a Narrator strongly guiding us through the introduction and mid-section. I felt that this was a story that needed to exist, somewhat, in another universe or at least one that is removed from reality in a sense. Afterall, the subject matter and scenario will be unfamilar to majority of the audience. Real characters, but a disjointed and abstract world to represent the mentality of these characters.

I hope you enjoy reading this script, and I look forward to the feedback.

If you would like to read the orginal exert of Story 5 from Pastures of Heaven, I have uploaded this story only at the following link:



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