Endurance and Looks

After listening to the first lecture, I hereby define my goals for 2013:


- reducing body fat percentage by at least 3 per cent

-- according to a measurement done with a sport physician as of 23 April 2012 I had a body fat percentage of 14 per cent with absolute body fat of 11.2 kg. Although I do have sufficient lean muscle mass of approx. 42.5 kg, I do not look toned and I am not having a visible six pack. I want to achieve the both the toned look and the six pack in 2013. How much I will have to reduce my body fat percentage is to be seen in the future.

-- to achieve this goal I recently have started with weight training 2 to 3 times a week and started to eat more deliberately. Lets see how this works out.


- getting fitter

-- I know that is way too undefined for a suitable goals but I do not know what to narrow it down. Along with improving my skills on the mountain bike I want to improve my endurance for riding the bike


- improving my mountain bike skills in order to rip more at my local trails


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