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Endless Summer Friends & Foods


Based on my mood board and the playful, vibrant direction I want to go, I know I want a variety of bright hues in my palette, however I also wanted to take Courtney's advice and start with three to elaborate from there. 

Here is the color exploration that I did in Illustrator:

I started out by finding a green that I really liked since that was explicitly mentioned by my client. They also mentioned yellow which is why I was playing around with that in the first line. It felt a little too soft and safe for me though, and I knew I would probably need a darker neutral at some point as well so I decided to try a medium brown and introduce a blue color which really stood out to me on my mood board. However, something about that pairing felt a little too masculine, and since the business is based around two women, I decided to use red and green as my primary and secondary colors. I liked that so from there I reintroduced a lighter/brighter version of the blue and started building the final vibrant palette that you see on the bottom line. I think the values are bright but soft enough that they aren't too jarring. What do you guys think? I'm welcome to any suggestions to explore further! 

I also decided to use this palette to color the "ladies" illustration, so here's that as well! 

I am, however, having a bit of trouble applying this palette to my logo. My first instinct was to try it out simply in my neutral brown. 

I like the simplicity here, but I also wanted to explore more colorful options. 

Exploring the addition of green and blue. I felt a bit like using two different colors separated the company name which it is not meant to do. I don't want it to appear as though I'm somehow selling you "friends and foods" made by a company called Endless Summer. (I'm fairly certain that's against all kinds of FDA/USDA regulations... :) ) 

So here's an interesting option using color while keeping the brand together. 

I actually like how this pops, but I'm having reservations about leaving out the green altogether. Then the other side of me wonders if I'm married to the green because I'm interpreting the whole fresh, microgreens thing too literally. I don't know! What do you guys think? I'm torn between that and the all brown one. 

I like something like this for logo variations as well using the full color palette:

Any thoughts on adding color to the logo would be welcomed!! 


I'm working on a brand identity for a family friend's new dressing company! Here is the creative brief I put together: 

Background: "Endless Summer Friends & Foods" is a salad dressing brand based in Washington, D.C. that is an offshoot of Endless Summer Harvest, a hydroponic gourmet lettuce company. 

Objective: To create a brand identity that connects with the existing Endless Summer Harvest customers, but that establishes Endless Summer Friends & Foods as its own entity with its own strong personality. 

Target: Primarily women who enjoy fresh, locally-made produce and like to prepare delicious meals for their families using locally-made ingredients.

Message: Endless Summer Friends & Foods dressings are made thoughtfully and lovingly by two friends with only the freshest and best ingredients. The company's goal is to help you make delicious and vibrant meals so that you can connect with your friends and families over fantastic food. 

Competition: Other organic or artisanal salad dressings with a homemade or natural appeal like Annie's, Organicville and Cindy's. (To begin the dressings will be sold at Farmers Markets with the Endless Summer Harvest lettuce, but they have retailers that are interested so I'm considering retail competitors at this time as well.)

Distinguishing Characteristics: Made with gourmet hydroponically-grown micro greens. Made by two female friends with a mutual love of great food and great friendship. Based on family recipes.

Creative Considerations: Please use green and yellow if possible. Bright, bold colors are preferred. Include a cartoon representation of both women. 

Tone or key words: Vibrant. Youthful. Friendly. Polished. Down-to-Earth.  

Here is the mood board that I have put together to represent the brief. (I realize the majority of my board is packaging design so I will try not to use quite as many in the future!)

This is the current logo that I developed based on the brief (in black and white), as well as the cartoon illustration of the women that was requested. (And yes... the client was adament about her character being in go-go boots!) I didn't object from a design standpoint since I knew that they were going for a fun, youthful brand direction full of personality. 


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