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David Capuzzo

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Enders Game Cover Redesign - David Capuzzo


Entry 3  

Ive now begun to collect images that will serve to all of the conceptual directions Ive descrived in the previous post (see below) electron microscope images of ant faces, space invader shots,and chess boards. 


Im really enjoying these electron scans, I think itd be a great way to show realism whilst juxtapozing them against images of games(chess being the ultimate stradegy game or space invaders which this book closely mirrors).

Entry 2 

Post Research possible Conceptual directions 

  • The book is mainly the inner monologue of ender, how he feels secluded but uses every move to his advantage from the beginning, Ive been thinking of somehow intergrating a flat view of a chess board with each of the pieces being diffrent insects corrisponding to their hierarchy in the game and species. chess board being graphic and the insects photographic
  • He struggles with his comparison of himself to his brother Peter, and in battle compares his stradgey to that of the buggers, possibly a triptich portrait spliced in a horizontal or jagged composition of an older boy,younger boy, and an electronic microscope scan of an insects face. Photographic or sillhoutted graphic  
  • a bit of a cop out but the similarities to this book and the classic game space invaders are close so possibly playing with the 8 bit look and images of that game spliced or zoomed and cropped. 

*These are all just early ideas ive been playing with feel free to give any critisim or feedback on the concepts as you see fit 


Entry 1

All of the previous covers of Enders Game seem like generic science fiction covers, If it werent for the summary on the back and having heard good things about the book from a friend I would never have picked the book up. To say that we dont judge a book by its cover is so false. I am an avid reader, and when Im looking for a new story to dive into I am generally drawn in by either the cover or the title which would then lead me to read the summary and decide wether or not to purchase the book. 

  My Goal for this project is to redesign the Enders Game cover into a less generic science fiction cover, into a cover that would entise any kind of reader to pick up the book and not just the devout science fiction fan. Also Im aiming to go in a more phycological and conceptual or symbolic direction with my cover redesign than has previously been attempted.  



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