End of the "snooze button" era.

My current routine as of 10/1/15

My current morning routine...or lack there of consists of good intentions each night followed by a battle with the snooze button every morning. My boyfriend kindly asks every night before bed "What time do you want to get up tomorrow" Which I reply "7" he looks at me, rolls his eyes, and sets the alarm for 7am. (we both set our alarms) in case one doesnt go off... hey it's happened before.

Morning comes, 7am may as well be 3am because my brain is not having it! I hit snooze... 15 mins later *chimes ringtone* am i ready this time? I always immediately hit snooze rather than giving myself even a second to just GET UP.  Well it all stops now. I've laid out my new and VERY improved morning routine here and will be posting updates! After just watching half of this class I jumped out of bed this morning, i hit snooze (knee jerk reaction) but I sat up, scrolled through my missed alerts, and actually got up! Yay!

What is your focus:

• My focus is to break the bad habit of hitting snooze. I want to maintain some of the good morning habits I have and cultivate some even better ones to add to my morning routine.

Habits I want to build:

• Meditation

• Yoga

• Drink more H20

• Journaling

• Reading

• Gratitude

Focus each day (theme):

• Mon. Attitude of Gratitude- write a note, text, letter, gesture to someone you are grateful for, tell them why you are grateful to have them in your life.

• Tues. Create- Draw, paint, sketch, design... Do something just for fun!

• Wed. Go Outside- sit on the porch, watch the sun rise, take the dog for a walk.

• Thurs. Inspirational Morning- Read, watch, or find something that inspires you in some way. Let that help motivate you for the day!

• Fri. Practice Training- Review yoga teacher training material and practice teaching a class. Use the dog, mark, or facetime someone willing to help out.

• Sat. Freebie- Go with the flow, if something is calling you do it. If not feel free to peruse social media, watch netflix, or meditate just a little or a lot longer today.

• Sun. Reflect- Spend 15-30 mins reflecting on the past week. Positives, negatives, and everything in between.

Morning Schedule

6:00am Wake up (bathroom, brush teeth, drink a glass of h20) 10 mins

6:10am Meditate 15-20 mins

6:30am Yoga Every Damn Day 30 mins

7:00am Read 10-15 mins

7:15am Sketch in sketchbook 15 mins

7:30am BREAKFAST 20 mins

7:50am Get ready for work 20-25 mins

8:15am Relax until it's time to leave

8:30am Leave for work

Nightime Routine

  • No screens or digital devices after 8pm.
  • Journal for 5 mins about anything.
  • Hot cup of any herbal caffiene-free tea.
  • Set intentions for the following morning, visualize jumping out of bed! 

3/1/16 Update
So, I suck and fell off the bandwagon pretty early. I am starting this again now! I've found that trying to change too many things at once can be overwhelming. So, I'm going to focus on one thing each week and then add things in each following week. For instance, I love to draw, sketch, paint, and create. If I get up early I can have more time to spend on my projects. Thus, building excitement and hopefully creating a habit of waking up when the alarm goes off, not hitting snooze.

I attend a 6am yoga class on Thursdays that a dear friend of mine teaches. I ALWAYS have a great day on Thurs. and accomplish so much more than I would if I hit the snooze and rushed off to work. I know this. I love getting to watch the sunrise, I love feeing alert and awake in the morning and getting my workout in before my day even starts. I just really suck at the waking up part. This morning when my alarm went off I cringed. I turned it off and I contemplated going back to bed, I had about a 2 minute internal conversation before finally placing my feet on the floor. I'll post another update in a few weeks and see how this goes. You, yes you reading this are my accountability partner since I've already written it here that I'm sticking to this for the next few weeks. So, Thank you! haha & If anyone has any feedback or tips on how to wake up excited please feel free to share! 


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