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Sarah Shaw

Artist & Educator



End of Peace Corps Zine

For the past two years, I've been working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia. Next week my group has our end of service conference. I made these zines to give to all the volunteers and staff as a fun parting gift. I decided to draw some scenes from our daily life, along with cartoon-like portraits of all the volunteers and staff members as a visual way to reflect on our time in Colombia. Also, I love the idea of the surprise mini poster on the back, so I drew a scene that's meaningful to us all.

I had so much fun making this zine, and the copies came out great. (Sorry for the crappy photography though.) :)



Page 2+3: Peace Corps life


Pages 4+5: Drawings of all the volunteers in my group


Pages 6+7: Drawings of the staff


Back cover: Meant to leave the reader with a laugh-- It's kind of an inside joke from our training site, where all the trash cans were clown-shaped, like the one above. 


Mini poster on the back side-- it's a scene of the place where we'll have our conference. 


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