End-Road, (the...of the...)

End-Road, (the...of the...) - student project

End-Road, (the...of the...) - image 1 - student project

I chose "End" and "Road", made the list of words that I related to these two and thought about an apocalyptic but pastel image of a bear mama and son. 

End-Road, (the...of the...) - image 2 - student project

In this image is the list of the words, I didn't make a big thinking about it and started drawing once I knew what I wanted. What I loved about this course was the tips on how to create the textures with ink so I worked a lot on the strokes (see below).

End-Road, (the...of the...) - image 3 - student project

End-Road, (the...of the...) - image 4 - student project

After I just put all together in photoshop as Roman advised in the class and mix a little here and there to create the outcome (first picture above).

I'm not much about talking and expressing all my insight about the class and all the procedures I followed but I really enjoyed it and I hope Roman can continue taping more classes in the future.