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End Result //// SECOND TRY

Hi everyone!

ok, here it goes second try!! So I did what Jonas said, I spent more time looking for mood pics and decided also to get more in the way of the class, so choosing a nature element and make it bigger or something "nasty".

So my element are Eggs, and maybe more specifically Spider eggs or some sort of alien eggs (is not clear yet). I leave here the current stage that I am on, Thumbnail sketching, for the main shapes and compositon. I am trying to make a cave of giant eggs or a place like "Elephants Graveyard" but with alien eggs plantation, or a place where aliens discard eggs.




Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say that this tutorial is really great, congrats Jonas, I liked it very much. From the start to the end is very objective and full of good advices/techniques and with easy steps to follow. 

And so, I upload here my end result, I tried a different landscape but is notory that I had a troubles with the phototexturing and scale. I will try to make a different Landscape tomorrow, with the same process.

C&C are welcome and hope you enjoy my first try out painting!


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