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Kristin Matte

Graphic Designer



Encouragement pins!

My fave pin over at Apple would be this one:


There are a lot of great pins on Pinterest. I like the stuff that's really cute (otters!) or personal. 


So, I have an illustration I think would lend itself well to being a pin:


I ended up using it for a greeting card design (and a tattoo).

"Kind Hugs" represents self-care. Some read it differently. Some see friendship. One friend saw motherhood. It's about kindness and love, empathy and caring.

I'd like to push myself to create something else though, but keep with a similar aesthetic and theme.

Although there are a lot of adorable enamel pins on Etsy, the stuff I would wear myself is a little more personal, and usually speaks to life experience, whether life being hard, or times being rough.


Nope pin by Heather Buchanan, on etsy.

I also really like ribbon awards with funny stuff on them.


Like these by Heirloom Tomaroes, available on etsy.

Also love she shape of this:


And the color of this:


You can get it here at Great Lake Goods.


I ended up with a tryptic, or "family."

"Still alive" speaks to those who've gone through (and survived) some hard times.

"Blushing heart," is his name. lol. It's being shy because you gave it a compliment. 


Together they'd look something like this:


I'm really into them, I contacted Apple for an estimate, and ended up ordering them!


You can see them over on my Etsy store!


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