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Encourage Life Originality

Name: Evan Lorberbaum

Location: NYC

Brand: Encourage Life Originality

What is Encourage Life Originality?

Encourage Life Originality is a lifestyle brand that is influenced by and celebrates creativity through designs that embody the spirit of the hip hop, art, and pop cultures. We believe that the essence of becoming "an original" is all about finding oneself through declaring one's individuality. 

Who is ELO for?

ELO is about recognizing and believing in one's true potential. We are a motivational clothing line that challenges the mainstream idea of "normal".  It is for those who are proud they do not follow the leader, but are the leader themselves...

Our target customer profile is advertised towards both males and females, ages 18-25, who are interested in and appreciate music, popculture, and art references.

Our Goal

I created the brand to motivate those like me who need something to believe in.  I believe that If we have the power to truly believe in ourselves, then we have the power to do anything.

Encourage Life Originality's goal is to inspire the imaginations of the next thinkers who will soon revolutionize our creative world. It is the ultimate compliment when creative excellence takes form through the appreciation of other people's work. Life is to be lived with inventiveness through the mind's eye, so good luck, and become an original.

When Life Hands You Lemons

A major turning point in my life was when I had my first manic episode during my freshman year at Tulane in 2010. Being diagnosed as Bipolar proved to be a blessing in disguise because it gave me the unique opportunity to turn what most would think is a negative, into a positive. Rather than getting down on myself and only focusing on the negatives, I had the opportunistic insight to make the most out of my situation.  I acknowledged the fact that I would be considered “different” by mainstream society, and I realized that I could use it to my advantage. This was the hand I was dealt, and only I could manage how I would play it. I created Encourage Life Originality to let everyone know that I embrace the fact that I am different, and to show others how to take pride in one's indivuality.

Brand Slogans

Why walk with them when you can fly with us...

The road not paved is greater than the road less traveled

Dream BIG or don't dream at all

Become Original

Live Loud

The Logo

The brain with wings logo is the epitome of the idea of "infinite potential". The logo and the theory "infinite potential" was adapted from Notorious BIG's song which holds signifigant meaning to the brand: "Sky's The Limit". I believe that anything is possible, and if there's a will there's a way. A brain with wings is signifigant because it serves as inspiriation, in the sense that we can achieve our goals when our wildest dreams have no restrictions.

Samples from the Look Book

"Can't Stop Won't Stop Never Stop"


"Smoke or Die"



"Burning Purple Flowers"

"Higher Learning" and "Who Are You"

Other items available on our website

  "The Power of Positive Thought"          


"Empire State of Mind"


"Dream BIG"




"Pussy Money Weed"


"Notorious N.U.G."

"B EZ"                                


"Th I N K"


"Above The Clouds"

"Move Forward"


"What Are You?




"No Sleep"


"The Standout"





Potential Future Collab with NIKE

How to connect with Encourage Life Originality

Website - skreened.com/elo

Facebook - Facebook.com/BecomeOriginal

Twitter - Twitter.com/BecomeOriginal

*About The Founder*

My name is Evan Lorberbaum, and I am the founder of "Encourage Life Originality". I am a visual artist, with my main areas of focus being graffiti and streetware fashion. I am originally from Westchester, NY, but am now currently residing in NYC.


My role models include Jay Z, Pharrell, Marc Ecko, Shepard Fairey, and Brian Donnelly, formally known as KAWS.  All are extremely successful artists/entrepreneurs but Shepard Fairey and KAWS are unique in the sense that they are artists with success clothing brands (OBEY and OriginalFake) respectively.  I aspire to be my own brand, combining both my art and fashion styles.


Victor Cruz

Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Dame Dash                                                               


Shepard Fairey



Ron English

Martha Cooper

*Artist Background*

Evan Lorberbaum paints under the moniker ELO.  His style and artistic vision is heavily influenced by revolutionary artists Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.  He primarily paints with bright, vibrant, happy colors as a reflection of his view of life. The drips he uses symbolize that nothing lasts forever, so when we are happy we need to be in the moment and live with no regrets. ELO's work has been featured in galleries, retail stores, and shows in New York and New Orleans.  His clothing line "Encourage Life Originality" challenges the mainstream definition of "normal".  He is a firm believer in the power of the individual, and motivates people to find themselves through declaring their originality.  Evan Lorberbaum is currently a student at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study where his is focus is Art and Business/Entrepreneurship.

A link to my live painting feature with Global Grind (Russell Simmons' brain-child) http://globalgrind.com/style/modern-artist-evan-lorberbaum-live-art-soho-video

A link to the well-known blog Elite Daily that wrote a feature story about me as an entrepreneur: http://elitedaily.com/money/college-entrepreneurs-week-2/

How to connect with ELO

Facebook - facebook.com/ELOart17

Instagram - @egetlo



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