Enchanted - student project

Enchanted - image 1 - student projectCreating abstract florals is one of my most all time favourite things to do. I was so happy to come across Juliet's Instagram feed and was thrilled to learn that she taught this course. What is so appealing to me is her loose and quirky style, so playful and fun. The elements I am most eager to interject in my style. I am happy to be introduced to felt pens and coloured pencils to further enhance my mark making and to be reminded of using my dip pen! Loved this class and would highly recommend it!

Enchanted - image 2 - student projectThis little scene reminds me of an enchanted forest. I also enjoy a muted colour palette, but the splash of magenta was fun!

Enchanted - image 3 - student project

I hope to play more with watercolours and coloured pencils to create variety in mark making. Still need to practice a lot more to find interject playfulness in my style. It's all so much fun!Enchanted - image 4 - student project

I will be posting a video in my Instagram feed tomorrow @mariloucadizmarshall of this post. 

See you soon!