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Although the prompt asked for pirate-y characters, I was having trouble coming up with a design that I liked enough to pursue through the class. Instead, I opted to go with a couple of characters who have popped up in my sketch book a few times in the past month. 

Because I had been thinking about the designs for a while, I had pretty specific poses in mind. My sketch file did include a few variations for the poses, heads, and colors, but stayed pretty close to what I originally intended throughout the process!

No. 1 Sketches, Tests, and Color Samples 

The last sketch was what I brought into Illustrator for my final design. I ended up building a few pieces, including the Prince's hand in Illustrator before rendering in Photoshop.

No. 2 Basic Shapes in Illustrator

In Photoshop, I continued to work with the design, colors, and shapes. Then I moved on to adding textures and more refined details. I tried to keep most of the textures and accents fairly subdued, but I might go back to and adjust them when I continue work on the background.

No. 3 Rendered characters with texture and temporary background

I am still working on how I want to address the background -- any suggestions or advice are very much appreciated!

No. 4 Final Design

After getting some wonderful feedback, I decided to adjust my last drawing. Still keeping the background super simple and added a few more details to the boots!



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