Enchanted Wolf Brewpub

Enchanted Wolf Brewpub - student project

Here's the link to the site: http://enchantedwolf.com


Enchanted Wolf is a loose translation of my last name (Italian --> English).  I own the domain name for a couple of years now.

I always wanted to own a restaurant or brewpub.  Maybe if I start with the website the brewpub will come along after :) !

I found a simple graphic to express the mystery of the Enchanted Wolf brand, then added some text with drop shadow to it using an older version of Adobe Fireworks that I have on my laptop.

I still have to add a small pub/snack menu and I believe the contact form will be added when I get to the video about forms later this week,

The site right now is very simple, and I've recently built a much more beautiful site using Twitter Bootstrap, as part of the One Month Rails course - you can see it here: http://desolate-garden-8276.herokuapp.com.

Even though the Rails site is more developed and complex - a lot of it was accomplished within the Rails and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks.  I wanted to go back now and learn html5 and css3 from scratch so I can further manipulate the Rails sites I intend on developing.

Let me know how you like the idea for the Enchanted Wolf Brewpub, and if you'd like to join me in developing the website also let me know in the comments.

Update 1/17/13

I've updated the site to reflect the additional elements called for in Code Challenge #2.

Added Hours of Operation <table> to the menu.html page, and a Google Map (Newark, NJ) <iframe> and a contact <form> to the contact.html page.

Update 1/22/13

I've updated to reflect the semantical elements and addition of video (beer.html) in Code Challenge #3.  I've also changed the unordered list (beer.html) which was imporperly formatted and didn't validate...it is validating now.