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Isabel Veguilla

Painter // Animator // Aspiring Novelist



Enchanted Island: Adventure Novel

My name is Isabel Veguilla.  I studied painting and animation in college and grad school.  For this class, I would like to come up with a plan for the adventure novel I am currently writing.  I would like to self-publish it.  I want to figure out how to build an online following for my work so that once the book is finished, it can actually get out into the world.  My longer range goal is to make a feature length animated version of the story from the book.  

About the book:

My father is from Puerto Rico and he often told me many stories about his childhood growing up in the mountains on an island.  The stories always seemed so adventurous.  When I visited the island for the first time, I had my own adventures with my cousins going hiking and exploring mountain streams and hidden paths.  I encountered all types of new animals and just being outside for an extended amount of time gave me such a great sense of freedom.  I grew up in an apartment in a city, so being outside in the mountains was such a new and exciting experience.  I came up with a story involving two siblings who travel to Puerto Rico for the first time with their grandmother.  I draw from my Dad's stories, my experiences and my imagination for the story.

I have a domain for my future company.  It's called Little Frog Studios.  I have not installed wordpress yet or started the blog.  I hope to take this story and create other things with it like a mobile game, a children's picture book and possible merchandise.  Those are my very long range goals.

I do have a portfolio hosted by carbonmade.  The url is isabelveguilla.carbonmade.com.  I hope no longer need the carbonmade portfolio once I set up my website.  I am also considering a Behance portfolio.  There are just so many platforms now!

One more thing! I have a gallery hosted by ImageKind where I tried to sell prints of my Puerto Rican landscapes.  Here is the link: http://isabelveguilla.imagekind.com  I was only able to sell two so far.

Thanks for taking a look!



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