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Chris Pyak

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Enchant the Germans - How to Gain Cooperation in International Business

Enchant The Germans – Gain Cooperation in International Business

Nothing worse than having great friends! When you propose a project – they actually join and make it happen!

I thought about a skillshare course that helps expatriates adapt to German business culture. ( I have been coaching expatriates for nearly ten years).  So, P. and M. proposed to film and edit it for me. We made this video quick and dirty – so please excuse sound and pronunciation.

This is just a demo (to see if the idea works). We will film this course depending on your feedback:

Achieve 5 goals in a new business culture

  • Build sympathy in foreign business cultures

  • Create trust in foreign business cultures

  • Gain cooperation in foreign business cultures

  • Hold your partners accountable in foreign business cultures

  • Solve conflicts in foreign business culture

What do you think?

  • Is this issue important enough to take a skillshare course?

  • Are the topics relevant to your real life struggles? What should I add?

  • Is my accent so strong that it damages credibility?

  • How would you price this?

  • What did I miss that's relevant to my project?

This topic is really close to my heart. First because I see many expatriates give up and go home - and second because my home country desperately needs young and brave immigrants to revitalise our society.


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