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EnbrightenME EnbrightenYOU EnbrightenMENT

I am new to the GoMighty community and this is my first course aside from the Life List entry course. About a month ago I came to the conclusion that I need a hobby; something that I do for myself that creates a tangible product that I can be proud of. I enjoy reading, writing, learning, self-improvement and connecting with others. What better way to combine my current likes than starting a blog?! I still have a lot of focusing to do in finding a more specific topic, but I know I want a blog focused around the process and journey of achieving self-actualization.
Now this being my first blogging experience I am starting from the very beginning. I have never created  a website or used Twitter. I learn quickly but have fallen behind in the tech era. This class is really step one and I am so looking forward to learning and getting off my feet. Looking forward to working with and learning from you all!


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