Shelby Maggart

Visual Communications



Enamel Mug Ideas

Emalco Inspiration


Concept 1:

I have been wanting to create a "Mean Muggin'" mug for a very long time but have not known how to execute getting it printed  so this class seem like the perfect opportunity to try it out!



Core Equipment:

I wanted to create a couple of concepts for a new camping company that I am a graphic designer for. We just got off of the ground about a year ago and we are going to try some new branding ideas in the next several months that these mugs would be perfect. Our company, Core Equipment, is a little different from other companies out there because we really want to be inclusive and give off a fun vibe for an enjoyable outdoor experience. The typical Emalco Mugs are designed really well but I think it would be good to see something like these next couple of designs that are a little less "top of the mountain" and geared more towards inspiring people to get outdoors. 




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