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Enable English was a failed blog that I started a year ago after I moved to Turkey to work as an English teacher. The drama of learning a new language, working many more hours than I had anticipated and dating someone of a different cultural background made my life hectic and I guess I never really gave the blog as much effort as I could have... until now! I recently started adding more content in a somewhat reckless fashion, just throwing up ideas from my IELTS tutoring lessons on writing. However, I now have a much more strategic plan and a clearer idea of my audience thanks to the planning tools I learned in this course. 

I want this blog to be somewhat impersonal, because as a creative writer, I tend to write in a somewhat chaotic fashion if I don't have a clear structure. That's why taking this class has helped introduce a lot of structure into my habits. I also consider the blog a sort of pilot project to gain skills in consistency, SEO, sourcing, and perhaps even affiliate marketing. I'm not an expert of social media in any sense, but I'm hoping to develop my skills with this basic career-oriented blog. 

Here are my brand statement and my goals:

Enable English is an accessible, intermediate-high level English educational blog focussed on providing content about English lessons, exercises and resources to student-aged or adult non-native speakers as well as users of English or those who who need editing help so that I can attract private english and editing clients. 

Why am I doing this? 

To promote my skills as an English expert, to make money, to develop an e-book and to work towards having a freelance career. 

By putting in the effort, I plan to: 

Attract 5-10 private students by the end of the year, gain 100 new followers, and earn 3 testimonials of English successes. 

So far, I have followed the advice of the course and set up a plan of 3 weekly posts on the site. Mondays will feature a grammar topic, Wednesdays will feature a content topic of either a different style of English lesson or a story about english learning, and Saturdays will feature a weekly link roundup of interesting things I found related to English on the web.

I started using the following sourcing tools: Google Alert, Twitter, Pinterest, (Facebook), Flipboard, Quora, and Feedly. I may choose to use IFTTT, but I haven't decided what would be an effective method, yet.

I will organize in Evernote and in my drafts in Wordpress.

Finally, I will advertise my links on Pinterest, Twitter, Conversation Exchange, and hopefully other sites.

I'm intrested in getting the wekly content flow rolling by this week to work out any kinks in the system.

The other skills I hope to learn along the way are as follows:

1. Finding free photography resources online (done)

2. Making good use of screenshots when needed

3. Manipulating the design of a Wordpress template

4. Using Affiliated Marketing

5. Marketing my teaching and editing work as well as the site using SEO, shout outs in posts, and by developing an E-book product

6. Learning about how to develop a following

7. Seeing if I want to Google Ad Sense or another ad service on my site 

8. How to manage multiple active blogs at once with one profile in many of my social media accounts (the other one will be a more fashion oriented blog)

Finally check out my other blog, also a work in progress, Pomp and Intertext. 


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