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En Route to Japan!

Every year I travel to Japan to visit my family in Okinawa. While it definitely occurred to me during this project that making a more generalized travel badge might be ideal for future trips, I like the idea of creating badges unique to the culture of the places I'll be visiting in the future. For example, the next of these will be for my 2017 trip to Greece, in blue and white with the Parthenon at the center of the patch!

One of my biggest struggles is being decisive, in life and in working professionally as a designer. I have to try many, many iterations hoping to fiddle and finesse until "the one" comes to life. Hopefully this gets a bit easier with more experience, but until then please enjoy my many explorations below!


My work space in Illustrator gets as messy as my desk does when I'm working traditionally. I do a lot of versioning, and I duplicate all the time to save old ideas in case they need to come around again. Lots of times the art direction just grows organically, and sometimes in the wrong way so I have to come back and ground myself with the original concept before trying another direction. Below you'll see lots of different color explorations, with the original concept in the top right corner.


Here are a few close-ups of some of the palettes I like, beginning with the original concept. 



Well, thanks for this awesome class Aaron Draplin! I admire your work so much and I look forward to your next Skillshare class. This is my first time uploading anything to Skillshare and I gotta say I'm amped about joining some more classes! :)

Thanks for watching!


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