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Linda Coussement

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Empowering small businesses to improve

I am creating my online business coaching business and do so by offering online training (so far only through Udemy), online coaching, an online knowledge base of blogs and real-life consulting and training.


All the feedback, comments or questions are welcome of course!!


Your Business or Brand

Hi, my name is Linda Coussement, I help entrepreneurs build the best business they can possibly imagine. We start with figuring out what you want, what is blocking you and then get really practical on making it all happen!

About me. I have a background in business consultancy, entrepreneurship, yoga and self-development and a never-ending curiosity to all that drives human beings. With more than 10 years of experience in organisations varying from multinationals to yoga studios I offer a unique skill set when it comes to organisational and personal changes.

My experience and knowledge in the field of, amongst others, Lean, Six Sigma, Change and Project Management coupled with my intuition and a whole lot of empathy enables me to help you find the right answers to your organisational questions.

What I Offer. I offer experience as a consultant and a trainer in the fields of Lean, project management, performance management, continuous improvement and change management. I also offer my personal empathic ability to only guide entrepreneurs in the direction where they want to take their business instead of putting my own opinions first.

Who is it for? All organisations that wish to improve their business. Whether the reasoning is to simply become more efficient, increase sales or even downsize, if you wish to make your organisational change last and wish to do so in a pleasant and respectful way I can be of help.

My products.

  • Knowledge blogs. Lots of (freely accessible) blogs on business organisation and improvement topics where I try to simply explain what is what and how it can be used.
  • Online training: so price is not an obstruction for smaller companies and I can get a larger audience. I currently have a Lean continuous improvement training on Udemy for $19.
  • Online training + coaching (3 Skype session of 1 hour) + mailsupport): to ensure the training really sticks + actual results are achieved 
  • Online Business Foundation e-course (12 Skype sessions of 1 hour + mailsupport). From visionsetting and strategyplanning to practical implementation and perfomance management. This 'course' encompasses everything a (small) business needs to re-align/improve or restructure. People will have free access to my current and future online trainings and will get lots of manuals and templates along the way. Of course all adapted to the customer's exact needs and wants.
  • On the job workshops/training and consulting: Freelancing work to really get a desired change happen.


11 Questions 

  1. What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

    It is there to create awareness for my company, my services and how it can add value. It ensures that a potential client can make an informed decision on whether or not to hire me. Also, i strive to make what I do/offer bigger than just the hours I put in by marketing through Skillshare classes, ebooks etc. 

  2. What are we allowed to touch?

    Everything! As a freelancer this seems rather straightforward but hereby I solemnly pledge that marketing is and will be engrained in every part of the business.

  3. What can we as marketers measure?

    # of hires
    # of pageviews, likes, followers etc
    # conversion ratios
    # subscriptions to my online class
    € money earnt
    # questions e-mailed to me

  4. What can we change?

    I help entrepreneurs and businesses improve their business. I can therefore help change them to become more efficient, deliver better quality and through that be more successful. In the process I wish to make people aware of their humanity in business and how it is not separate from the life 'outside'.

  5. What promise are you going to make?

    I help you build and sustain your business whilst making sure this is completely in line with your own vision and gut instinct.

  6. What’s the hard part?

    Differentiate from other consultants (free lance and companies) and let potential clients know I am out there and have a high value to offer

  7. Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

    My work stems from very traditional consulting work which is ok but seems old-fashioned and not applicable to smaller and faster moving businesses. These latter though might not necessarily recognize the need for continuous business improvement. I therefore feel that I should be a trendmaker.

  8. Where is the risk?

    In not being able to differentiate enough and forcing me to take jobs I’d rather not take.

    My preffered customers might not necessarily recognize the need for continuous business improvement

  9. Who is in charge?

    The customer/client is. After that it is me.

  10. Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

    - I'm spending time on creating my online classes and other products that I will sell quite cheaply all for the sake of marketing
    - I'm spending time on SEO and social media efforts

  11. How should you be spending your time?

    - Creating products
    - Writing blogs
    - Social media 
    - At real-life customers
    - Setting up and doing workshops for entrepreneurs

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