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Renata M.

Illustrative Hand Lettering Artist



Empowering Lyrics

You know after watching the class lessons with James Victore, I realized that I was getting too serious about having fun. I love working without thinking too much. So, I will be honest, I grabbed whatever materials I had in hand and without thinking too much I began to make marks. 

These marks were so much fun. I felt the paper was not big enough as I was working on this project. Here are some of the marks I made.  


I used those cheap 99cent sponge brushes, knib ink pen, and some old markers. I have to say the sponge brushes were amazing for chunky marks. 

And, since I was having way too much fun I decided to letter my favorite lyrics by one of my prefered punk bands L7. This all happened in one go. I embrace the "mistakes" as part of my voice. 


That is it for now! 


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