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The TV show that I am currently watching is actually about the music industry called Empire. The show is an example of the passion and business politics of being a music artist, producer, writer and record label owner. The scene that really drew me into the show was the pilot episode. It featured two brothers who were having a great time creating music. There was a Grand Piano and a Akai MPC on a yacht which really sets the mood of the song for "Living Your Life". Being a music theory nerd, the brother at the piano was playing in the lower octave of C2. There was vocal percussion, and a booming 808 sub bass blended with hi-hats and snares. Whats even more awesome that Timbaland is the music supervisor for this television show. So the music definatly has a groove which is widely known by this great producer. 

Here is a link to enjoy the sound of the TV Show! 


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