Emotions/Therapy/Health - student project

I am an Artist who for 11 years now has been living with Cancer. I have spent all these years mixing with doctors, nurses, oncologists and hospitals. My health has been an issue for so long that I found art to be a real therapy and love it. I have sold around 156 paintings over the years mainly locally and am now looking at adding my artwork to print on demand products. I have a love of colour and nature and this is what I have focused on the most. I would also love to sell my artwork or have it displayed in hospitals all over Australia. I would say my Industry is Art and think my Market is Design but have no idea what my niche is? I would love to see my designs on clothing in K.Mart, Target,  Big W etc in the future. So I am still working on my plans. Emotions/Therapy/Health - image 1 - student projectEmotions/Therapy/Health - image 2 - student projectEmotions/Therapy/Health - image 3 - student project