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Emotion and nostalgia

I've decided to take the character Rainbow Brite and make her depressed. Her colors will be blue and grey mostly to really demonstrate the shift from her typically sunny demeanour. Looking over other's projects I like the theme that runs over multiple emotions so I think I'll make angry,jealous and love brite as well.                                            

Here is my dismay brite character. At first I kept her hair yellow to indicate it was a consistant character through all four pictures but I felt it distracted from the emotion I was trying to convey. 

My second one was anger, I'm not sure I love it just yet but here it is if anyone has ideas for improvement.

My third rainbow brite is love brite. I tried to give her soft colors and daydream body language.

My last version is jealousy, as always I'm happy to hear suggestions on improving them, I'll put together a picture of the four so comparing them is easier.

And now, for your contemplation, the four brites


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