Emo Fortune Cookie

I made a fortune cookie app with an emo attitude

But now I need to create a landing page for the site. This is a very small website for one of my own apps so I was not going to write up a long set of specs when I will be the one coding anyways. 

I had previously began sketching what actions I wanted to allow on the page. With the focus being to have them download the app and continue to interact with the community. I was writing notes to myself, so it is not very readable. And I first wanted to convey the "why" you should get this app.

My next sketch focused more on cleaning up the structure.

Here is my sitemap that results from it. 

The site only has 4 pages. The goal is to get them to get the app for fun. Later the app will have some things that you can buy, hence why I added it as a "income generator." But I also want to build an active community of people, so I have links to the Tumblr and Facebook.


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