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Hello! I am Emmie Morton, I am an illustrator, artist & pattern designer. Well ideally I want to be! I am currently producing a great deal of surface pattern design work, & want to gain more of a focus on where my creative career will go. I am currently branding myself as Emmie Morton Makes, & I am not sure if this is still me/where I want to go......

I have had a little success with my art, selling & gaining a few commissions but lost a lot of steam moving house! So now is the perfect time to refocus, I get super distracted & bogged down with the million & one was to sell/market my work!! As well as trying to get narrower focus for both my product range & style.

Mind Dump! (my hand writing is far too horrific to read!)

WHO: Creative, nerdy, cats & dogs, bag lover, Emmie, geeky, artist, collector, comics, books, sewer, designer, quirky, organiser

WHAT: Painting, sketches, pattern design, prints, precise, commissions, babes, tattoos, fairy tales, products

WHERE: Etsy, Folksy, Spoonflower, Society6, Facebook, Instagram, local shops, website, direct

HOW: Online, blogging, advertising (local flyers/markets), social media - esp Instagram & Twitter, word of mouth, recommendations

KEY WORDS: Creative, quirky, geeky, pattern design, commissions, Etsy, Spoonflower, Social Media. 

Ideal Clients

Lauren is 26 & loves decorating her first flat on her own. She loves interior design with a quirky, unique feel & doesn't mind paying a premium for quality, one off pieces. She enjoys making her own clothes, reading crafting magazines, like Mollie Makes, Cath Kidston & is active on social media. She follows design blogs, as well as crafters & news media. 

Mike is 38 with 2 kids. He is a comics & movie geek & loves sharing his passions with his family. He has a 'man cave' where he keeps his collectables, comic books, beloved commissions & original art work. He reads comics from smaller & independent companies, as well as the occasional Marvel book, supporting indie creators where he can.  

Petra is 20 with 2 cats & a good income. She loves art with a mystical feel, & follows artists on social media, sharing & interacting directly with them. She commissions pieces & considers them to be investments, treating her home as a gallery. She is passionate about stationary & collects notebooks like they're going out of fashion!


My mood board focuses more on my female clients, but can also apply to men! (I didn't choose the green hair as that is currently my hair colour, honestly.......)


Been working on my project for the last couple of days & have an update!

Brand Questionnaire

What do I sell?

Prints, original art, unique designs

Price Range?

£10 - £300+ (small prints - large commissioned pieces)

What 3 words best describe: me?

Quirky, nerdy, kind-hearted

My business?

Unique, creative, inspiring

My style?

Artistically: graphics, illustrative, figurative.

Responses when I asked Facebook: Quirky (got the most mentions!), cute, unique, imaginative, kooky

What are my favourite brand & why?

Colette: their style & aesthetic, accessible but 'high end', the patterns they create, the range of products (paper patterns, online patterns, blog, books, digital magazine), unified style & voice. 

Angel Coffee Shop: fav local coffee shop, which does AMAZING cake. Local, nice logo/branding/colour schemes, good coffee, interiors - bit mish-mashed Laura Ashley fabric & leather seats, over sized mugs, local art on wall. 

Cath Kidston: quirky, retro, great prints, bright & bold, wide product range (home, kids, fabric, clothing etc.) Again very unified & clear voice across everything. I may have a bag, or 6 from them..........

What's my customers response to my brand... & the brand experience?

Inspired, enthusiastic, involved in the process, happy - can imagine my pieces in their homes, see my patterns on their fabric/curtains/products. Kindred spirits!

Where do I currently sell my products?

No where..... Through word of mouth commission only recently. Tried Folksy but didn't like it very much!

Where would I like to sell my products?

Etsy, Spoonflower, Society6, fabric manufacturers, website, via social media (routed to Etsy)

Where do I see my business in:

1 year

Decent fanbase/following on social media, selling prints & taking commissions regularly. Sell the rights to a pattern collection & see it in the flesh! Producing work regularly & making the time for it.

5 years

Developed base of clients & followers. Fewer commissions, beng choosier about clients. Income would allow me to work full time on my art. Creating pattern collections & having ranges of fabric.stationary, exhibiting art & developing as an artist. 

10 years

Established as an illustrator & pattern designer. Regular commercial & private clients. Expanded ranges of products - make own products from fabric produced from my designs. Take commissions only when wanted! Do 'dream' projects. Produce limited run prints!

Who is my ideal customer/client?

Producers of fabric/stationary/cards etc for pattern design, illustration/art = individuals, companies (branding/logos), magazines, publishers

Brand Name

Currently: Emmie Morton Makes.

When I started out I was trying to do art & making things from fabric to sell, while I do still love making things (mainly clothes for myself), I'm not as keen on making these commercially. Since discovering a passion for surface pattern design I am more interested in exploring this outlet, it ties much more into my aesthetic & I love doing it! I think I'll remove the 'Makes' & just use my name (internet name!) 'Emmie Morton' with a tagline!

Mission Statements

Specific (illustration & pattern design)

'Creating illustrations for lovers of beautiful women, fairy tales & quirky art'

'Unique surface pattern design, creating stylish & quirky stationary, fabric & homewares'

Over arching:

'Creator of quirky art that conjures a magical, beautiful world & pattern design design that inspires'

'I produce accessible art that inspires, through illustration & pattern design I aim to bring quirkiness & beauty into the everyday'


I don't have any particularly strong values (in the sense of locally produced paper/printing etc) so mine are a little more general:

  • Unique design
  • Inspired by nature, & the world around me
  • Belief in the healing power of inspiring art
  • Unique style that is recognisable

Tribe: offer downloads, wallpapers/graphics etc. Sell prints & give extras (stickers/mini prints etc.). Eventually use a platform like Patron for greater interaction & 'rewards'.

Logo Design Brief

Brand name: Emmie Morton

What I do/sell: 'I produce accessible art that inspires, through illustration & pattern design I aim to bring quirkiness & beauty into the everyday' (prints, commissions, original art)

Pricing: Mid range, not 'high art'!

My target market: Male & Female, 20 - 65, geeky/nerdy people, art collectors, art directors, art commissioners. 

3 words that best describe my brand & products: Quirky, imaginative & unique

Existing logos I like: Typographic, brush stroke effect, inset in circles, useable for watermarking art work. 

My competitors are: illustrators & surface pattern designers! Both online & local, probably more online!

Colour preferences: Teal, sky blue, eggshell, grey, Mucha inspired colour (see below!).

Budget in mind: £0! Happy to do it myself!!


A logo a produced some time ago featuring one of my fashion illustrations, I don't mind it but think I can do better!! Next to it the header I am currently using on social media.





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