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Emma Peacock

Blogger at emmalouisa.com



EmmaLouisa.com Draft Editorial Calendar


Blog Style and Purpose

My blog style is cute and casual, but fun. Like your best friend showing you what she loves. The purpose is to create a community where people can comment on each of the posts created. I'd love to blog every day, but just can't with working full time.

Content Pillars

I like to post somewhat equal amounts for each category on my blog, beauty, fashion, books, DIYand lifestyle.

Publication Channels

I prefer to post to my blog, the share to FB, FB groups, Twitter and Pinterest. Thsi covers all areas, and new content is produced for each platform.


I prefer to blog 3 times a week. This is as much as I can manage but is enough to keep my audience regular.

Roles & Responsibilities

I am the only writer for my blog at present. I create photograph, design and edit all content.

Therefore, the project flow is not strict.


Template Calendar

I decided to use the template from this class, and adapt it to what I needed. I may change the holiday columns throughout the coming months.

View my calender here: http://bit.ly/1P1OzOz

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