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Emkat Design Social Media Package!

I learned so much from this class!!! I am so excited to have all my social media platforms for Emkat Design ready to go. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emkatdesign/


I was nervous about launching my facebook page because that is my main platform that I use to connect with my friends, family, former co-workers...basically everyone I've EVER known. But I conquered my fear and even uploaded a quick hello video to all my new likers, which got over 150 views in the first few hours!! 

Twitter: @emkatdesign


I'm completely new to twitter but I'm excited to get started! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emkatdesign/


I already had a good amount of followers on my instagram page, so I changed my username to match my business name. I am going to focus on only uploading photos that match with my lettering and chalkboard business. I also love the idea of sticking to a color palette. 

I am excited to continue conquering all of my social media platforms like Pinterest, Behance, and LinkedIn! Thanks for your inspiring class and let me know what you think about my progress. 

Check out my website as well! www.emkatdesign.com


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